Top 8 Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

Top 8 Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

Many women follow diet plans to stay fit. The right kind of food items can really help you lose weight. Here is a list of all those foods that are perfect for women who want to shed extra pounds from their body. The best thing about these food items is that they don’t leave you hungry. They fill your tummy as well as your heart, and tickle your taste buds at the same time.

1. Scrambled egg whites with green vegetables

This can be a delicious as well as low-fat lunch. Scrambled eggs can provide your body with 54 grams of high-quality dietary protein in only 255 calories. If you want to make this tasty lunch, then take a frying pan and put two spoons of olive cooking oil in it. Now pour four egg whites in a bowl and blend them with half cup of chopped spinach and half cup of sliced mushrooms. You can also use broccoli in place of spinach. Now heat the pan and pour this mixture in it. Fry until the eggs are almost dry. This lunch can help you remove 40 calories, 100 milligrams cholesterol and 13 grams fat from your meal. Compared to two normal scrambled eggs, this dish will help you in a better way.

2. Raisins, low fat milk and cereal

Create a really healthy breakfast by mixing one cup of cereal, a packet of raisins and one cup of low fat milk. This is a simple idea that provides your body with 244 calories and fortifies you with most vitamins and minerals. This meal will boost your protein intake by 12 grams. It will also give you a sweet taste and natural fiber. This meal is a natural sugar source that’s ideal for people who have a sweet tooth. This breakfast will help you save 50 calories, 5 grams of fat and 6 teaspoons of sugar comparatively to the ready-to-serve raisin bran consumed with a cup of milk.

3. Almonds

Almonds are one of the most beneficial food items on earth. They are stomach filling and they can help you keep your blood sugar steady. A study found out that people who consume almonds with white bread don’t have the same blood sugar surges as people who eat only the slice. The higher the blood sugar level rises, the lower it falls and this fall makes you hungry. This ultimately makes you overeat. Major blood sugar changes helps your body to make insulin and this can increase your abdominal fat. So, have almonds or almond-butter.

4. Apples

There is a popular saying, “An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away.” There are a lot of positive and negative medical opinions on this saying but there is a similar saying that’s true. An apple a day can really keep weight gain at bay. According to a study, people who have an apple before their meal eat fewer calories compared to people who have a different snack before their meal. Apples have high fiber content along with antioxidants. Thus, apples prevent metabolic syndrome which is a condition marked by excess belly fat or a condition called the ‘Apple shape.’

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