10 Gorgeous Lipstick Shades to Wear This Summer

10 Gorgeous Lipstick Shades to Wear This Summer

Can anyone else smell summer in the air? It’s just there peeking round the corner. So, what lipstick shades do you ladies have in mind for this summer, will it be the sun-kissed bronze or the safe red pout? Here is a list of ten sensual lip colors that could be your signature color this summer.

1. Red

Red lipsticks are life savers, just find your shade of red and you’re good to go. Red is an all season shade and will be a safe choice this summer as well.

2. Coral

For most women, coral spells summer. The entire look and feel of a coral shade spells out summer in bold, owing to the sun-kissed look it lends to the lips in particular and the face in general.

3. Orange

If you thought orange lipstick was just for the hippies, you are probably wrong. Orange is the hot favorite shade this season. Last year saw people reviving the color and this summer there will be many more people with orange on their lips.

4. Nude

Nude shades are perfect for summers; Angelina Jolie would gladly testify to that statement. The light look gives a fresh and natural looking face. Nude lips can be a very good option for evening wear as well, just team them up with some dramatic eye make up.

5. Hot pink

No, they’re not just for the bubblegum girls, pink lipstick shades impart a very feminine and delicate look. Just search for your right shade of hot pink and you’re good to go!

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