8 Frizzy Hair Remedies

8 Frizzy Hair Remedies

No matter how much time you spend browsing through innumerable stores for that perfect dress or for that matter hours spent on the perfect makeup, frizzy hair can put them all in the hot water. In order to cut a swathe you might go through unspeakable troubles but one slight miss can put you on the back burner. Here are a few frizzy hair remedies that you might find helpful to tame your mane for the picture perfect look. But before that, find out what causes your hair to be frizzy.

The frizz may be due to two reasons primarily,
a. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy or
b. They have been damaged due to overuse of chemical products and heat treatment.

Frizzy hair remedies for naturally curly or wavy hair

1. The first thing to remember is that you must always try to dry your hair naturally as far as possible. In case you have to blow dry it, then keep in mind that you never blow dry your hair with the hot blast. Always use the cold blast and use a diffuser to prevent your hair from getting unruly.

2. Try to brush your hair thoroughly before you wash them. And avoid the brush after you wash your hair. Apart from this, you should also let go of your habit of tampering with your hair unnecessarily.

3. Gently apply lukewarm olive oil to the full length of your hair at least once a week. You may also opt for beaten egg yolk mixture.

4. Always use a conditioner along the full length of your hair after shampooing them, avoiding your scalp. If it is possible for you to spare some more time, then apply some castor oil and cover your head with a warm and moist towel for beautiful shiny curls.

5. After shampooing, pat dry your hair. Now take some beer in a spray bottle and spray it over your hair generously. The smell will very soon go away leaving behind healthier and shiny looking curls.

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