6 Best Eye Shadow Tricks to Try Out

Best Eye Shadow Tricks to Try Out

You already know that makeup helps to accentuate your features. And your eyes are a facial feature that you can do a lot with. You can come up with tricks for a formal look or for a party or even a bright evening. All you need is a set of right products and the correct make up to give your eyes a beautiful effect. Here are 5 tips that will help you do your own eyes with perfection and avoid mistakes while applying makeup.

1. Eye makeup comes first

Before you apply the foundation, make sure that you have already done your eyes as the eye shadow powder can accumulate on the cheeks and beneath the eye lids destroying your facial compact. You will have to clean it off with a brush and redo it.

2. Use an eye concealer first

If you are in your middle age or have very visible creases around your eyes, a good idea would be to close your eyes, apply the concealer till you cover your creases and then start your eye makeup.

3. Apply the eye shadow immediately

A primer can be sticky and pasty, and your eye shadow tends to be powdery. So if you don’t want your eye shadow to wear off immediately, apply the eye shadow immediately after wearing the primer. The primer, that will blend with the concealer and the eye shadow, will stay for much longer without causing any smudges.

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