How to Get a Natural Look With Makeup?

How to Get a Natural Look With Makeup?

A natural makeup perhaps sounds like an oxymoron but with the right blend of products and tactics, you can actually achieve that gorgeous natural looking flawless face. Learn how to get a natural look with makeup with these tips.

1. Get the base right

The base in question here is not your makeup base but actually your skin. A healthy, well-hydrated and a well maintained skin is a must. The makeup base, which comes second, is the most important part of the makeup regime. Start with a moisturized face and proceed to apply your daily foundation and concealer. Try to cover any blemish or pigmentation using the correct concealer that blends well with your skin tone. Another consideration while applying concealer is that you should not overdo it as it will later cake up, especially around the eye area. While applying foundation, use a foundation brush to apply an even coat.

2. Go nude!

With the lips, we mean. Try to opt for a nude shade of lipstick which also has a good SPF. One shade will not suit all and the right shade of nude differs from skin tone to skin tone. To get your perfect shade of nude lipstick, opt for the ones that are closest to your lip color. Now apply these only on the middle portion of the lower lip. If the shade completely coincides with the overall lip color, then this is your shade of nude.

3. Choose a warm blush

Cheek colors are tricky and to look natural, you have to opt for warmer tones that will either give you a pinched look or a sun kissed look. Opt for colors like peach, light brown and pink as far as blushes are concerned.

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