8 Easy Eye Makeup Tips to Get Gorgeous Look

8 Easy Eye Makeup Tips to Get Gorgeous Look

Eyes are the most attractive and stunning part of our facial features that add on to our beauty. There are different makeup methods by which you can give your eyes a stunning and impressive look, and thus accentuate your entire get up. Listed here are some easy eye makeup tips to get a gorgeous look.

1. Wrinkles and dark circles around your eyes would give you an aged and sick look. Patch up the wrinkles and dark circles with a concealer and moisturizer so that it doesn’t give a cakey look after few hours.

2. Grease your eye lids with an eye-base to set the eyes for a shimmering shadow color of your choice. For a dazzling look, use a three-toned shadow. Start applying it from the base of the lid up to the brow, allowing the makeup to blend from the lid to the brow. This gives your eyes the most sensuous look.

3. Enhance the appeal of your eyes with a liquid liner. Start applying the liner from the inner to the outer lid and make the application as much as closer to the lids. To make your eyes look clear and distinct, apply the liner on the lower lids as well.

4. Highlight the inner part of your eyes with a black shade, so your eyes stand out with an enticing look.

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