10 Tips To Make Him Fall In Love With You

10 Tips To Make Him Fall In Love With You

This is not a very easy task, we know. Although, if you’re in love with a friend of yours and he doesn’t know your true feelings yet, it’s time to do something concrete. No, we don’t mean you should go ahead and tell him your feelings for him. Instead, why not make him fall in love with you? This seems a more challenging idea than admitting your feelings to him. What if he declines your proposal? So, we have presented some tips by which you can make him fall in love with you.

1. Make him feel special

If you want him to love you, you need to make him feel that you’re worthy of his love. Otherwise, why would he even bother to be interested in you? Take care of him in your own sweet way. Go out of the way and help him. For example, you can have a casual picnic in your backyard and talk about anything under the sun or get a thoughtful gift for him which you know he’s planning to buy since a long time.

2. Take interest in him

You should also get to know him better. If he’s your friend, chances are you might know a lot of things about him. But when in a relationship, things are different. You need to know him in and out and also understand him well. Talk about his favorite game that was on TV last night. But if he’s just an acquaintance and you have only met a couple of times, you can ask his friends about him. You can also talk to him the next time you meet and take interest in his likes and dislikes.

3. Be confident

A guy likes a girl who is confident. He doesn’t want you to be meek and shy in everything. So, head out and show him and the world that you are one confident girl. Don’t be the one who is always lonely and sits in a corner. Even when you speak to him, do it confidently.

4. Surprise him

Surprises make life interesting. You know you have a daily schedule to follow, but if something unexpected and good enough falls in your way, won’t you be delighted? The same rule applies to everyone, your love interest included. Do small, but special things for him. Plan some surprise for him. You may involve his friends too; like if he’s approaching his birthday, you can plan a party for him.

5. Be independent

Being independent tells the guy that you have a life too and are very much involved with your friends and family. You could hang around with your friends, go for outings or trips with your family and have a lovely time with them. You could also spend time with yourself like indulging in some hobby and share some of these experiences with him.

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