7 Reasons to Stay Makeup Free

Reasons to Stay Makeup Free

Many women equate beauty with makeup, but makeup can’t replace natural beauty. So, the next time you face the temptation to shop for your makeup items, keep in mind these 7 reasons to stay makeup free:

1. Protects your skin from all those chemicals and minerals found in the makeup

Every now and then, studies are conducted to ascertain the adverse effects of makeup on skin and the results of such studies are rather scary. With harmful chemicals and minerals loaded in various makeup items, it makes sense to ditch makeup. So the best reason to stay makeup free is to protect your skin from unnecessary exposure to all such dangerous chemicals, the excessive use of which can cause myriad skin problems and cancer too.

2. Takes less time to get ready

When you ditch your makeup kit, you gain a lot of time for other stuff. Without makeup, it takes less time for you to get ready and go out.

3. Saves you a lot of money

Well, there’s the economic side to it too! Most of the makeup items are quite costly. So when you decide to go makeup free, you save a lot of money that otherwise would have gone wasted on buying those branded expensive makeup kits and items.

4. Saves you from carrying makeup product when you go out

When you wear makeup, you always have to carry makeup items with you when you go out. But when you decide to stay makeup free, it gives you the freedom from carrying those things along with you.

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