5 Best Hairstyles for Long Hair

5 Best Hairstyles for Long Hair

Although short hair is a lot convenient especially when you wake up late and have to rush to an important meeting in less than 30 minutes, the beauty of long hair is irreplaceable and desired by women all across the world. There are several advantages of sporting long hair including the number of hairstyles that can be experimented. However, women who have long hair are often skeptical on how to wear their long hair to suit every occasion. If you too ponder over the same thing, you can read through this compilation of 5 best hairstyles for long hair that promise to make heads turn for the right reasons.

1. The Long and Layered Cut

This kind of long hairstyle is rather unique since not many women sport one for the fear of how the end result may turn out to be. The hairstyle works well on women with a sharp chin and a long face. It helps to bring out the sharpness of facial features. The superiorly sleek hairstyle has uneven ends created from what a razor cut would appear like. This uneven portion permits hair to frame your face closely and helps to hide flaws of the shape of the face.

2. Longer Bangs and Tresses

Longer bangs and tresses create a look that looks stupendous on most ladies, irrespective of the face shape, skin color and age. Wavy and soft tresses with lightly swept bangs design a wonderful look for your face. The waves do not just look natural but also seem alluring.

3. French Twist

With long hair, you don’t necessarily have to wear your hair long. You can also choose to tie it up in different styles. Of these, the French twist is the most popular. Pull a ponytail into an elastic band and twist it either in an anti-clockwise or clockwise direction. Let the twist come all the way down and place it straight on the back of your head. Complete the look with specific accessories and keep the twist intact using oils or hair sprays.

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