10 Celebrity Makeup Disasters That You Must Avoid

10 Celebrity Makeup Disasters That You Must Avoid

Celebrities are usually under the scanner. All the more reason for them to be appropriately clad. However, even the best of the best commit some grave mistakes in public appearances easily, making them the butt of all jokes. While some mistakes are understandable and negligible, some others are appallingly huge fashion disasters. Some mistakes, irrespective of the number of times they are referred to, continue to be committed for God knows what the real reason is. Some of such common celebrity makeup faux pas are listed below.

1. Excessive Powder

This is probably one of the most common and occupies the top position in makeup disasters amongst celebrities. Excess powder on face can result in many horrible consequences. When powder is excessive on the overall face, it very easily possesses the ability to reveal facial lines and wrinkles especially that of crows’ feet and laugh lines. Sometimes and worse still is when powder is dabbed excessively on certain parts of the face such as the nose or cheeks or the mouth area. Lack of time is the only thing that can be blamed for such a blatant mistake.

2. Fake Tan

Obtaining nice sun kissed skin is beautiful, provided you know the means to get one. Today, the sun is replaced by other products to render a fake tan. Many get it right and some get it extremely wrong. Lindsay Lohan manages to get it wrong many times. It is important not to make the tan look one-dimensional and this usually happens when it is applied thick on all parts of the body and in uniformity. Considering natural body contours is necessary to get a beautiful finish.

3. Under Eye Concealer

Late night parties, lack of sleep and stress define a celebrity’s life. Therefore, they easily become victims of dark under eye circles. Using an under eye concealer is possibly the best thing to do. However, too much product does not imply flawless coverage. On the contrary, they will render a ghostly appearance and make you look bad to worse.

4. Wrong Foundation

Choosing the wrong color or inappropriate application does more harm than it does good. Celebrities often do the former and expose the numerous pores on their face effortlessly. Avoid the mistake by using a moisturizer before applying foundation to obtain a smooth and prevent a bumpy look.

5. Gothic Makeover

Gothic makeover makes some women look gorgeous. There is a lot of emphasis on eyes to get a smokey appearance. However, some just do not know where to stop. Extremely black eyes make you look not elegantly gothic but more ghostly.

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