8 Tricks to Make Your Favorite Foods Healthier

8 Tricks to Make Your Favorite Foods Healthier

Junk foods have been given that name because they are actually filled with junk. Well, not in the literal sense of waste, stale or bad food being a part of it, but junk in the sense of unhealthy food items. For any health conscious person, cream, cheese, extra oil, fried stuff etc. are what is referred to as ‘junk’.

Now when you read all those fancy quotes about not being a part of the stereotype of thin girls and not obsessing over a thigh gap etc., you definitely feel good. You believe that being an average sized person or being a slightly fat person is no harm, after all. And you’re right. Why should you obsessively cut down on good and tasty food when you have just one life to taste it all and enjoy it all?

However, you also want to fit into those lovely pair of skinny jeans that you set your eyes on. You want to be able to eat a nice cheeseburger, but still wear a bikini. Now how do you achieve that? Thankfully, you don’t have to go to Einstein for that. Listed here are some easy ways in which you can relish your favourite food items, yet make them healthy and low-cal.

1. Change the oil

Switch to olive oil instead of regular oil, and that will automatically make your diet better. Moreover, some dishes actually taste better when you cook them in olive oil. It has more nutrition, so you won’t have to feel so guilty about you loving your cooking medium.

2. Go brown!

That means you need to choose brown rice over white rice, brown bread over white bread and so on. That doesn’t really compromise on the taste, and you still get to enjoy your meals equally well.

3. Choose egg whites

Egg yolks have more calories and fat than egg whites. So avoid the yellow part in all your dishes. If that affects the quantity, then choose two egg whites over one whole egg.

4. Choose cheese wisely

Instead of loading your dishes with oodles of cheese, be smart and add less cheese but still get the flavour. For that, opt for bold or strong flavoured types of cheese such as Cheddar or Goat Cheese etc.

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