Top 10 Survival Tips When You Live in a City With Heavy Rains

Top 10 Survival Tips When You Live in a City With Heavy Rains

Some people love the monsoons, while others simply hate them. Either way, rains can be very difficult to deal with at times. People who live in rainy cities get accustomed to it over a period of time, but if you’re a new migrant or are witnessing heavy rains for the first time, then you often feel very lost on how to deal with a lot of things. Listed here are a few survival tips that you must abide by during the monsoons.

1. Carry your umbrella at all times

Forget anything else you want, but NEVER forget to carry your umbrella. One of the dominant characteristics of rainy cities is that it rains just about any time, unexpectedly. And the only way you can be prepared for such unannounced rains is by carrying an umbrella.

2. Get water-proof handbags and gadget covers

The last thing you want in monsoons is your laptop or phone getting drenched. So get waterproof handbags, document holders, laptop covers, phone covers etc. You may find it tiring and tedious to cover and uncover the multiple wrappings around your things, but that’s any day better than getting them damaged in the rain.

3. Get some bricks

This is a very old trick. If you stay in a ground floor apartment, then get a lot of bricks to give support to your furniture and lift it a little in height. In case the water comes inside your apartment, the bottom of your furniture won’t get affected that way. It’s the best survival tip you can remember to avoid damage to your furniture and other things kept on the floor.

4. Always carry a small towel

Rains are the best time for infections to arrive in full force and make people sick. Save yourself from getting drenched in the rain and then arriving in an air-conditioned office, only to catch a cold. Keep a hand towel with you at all times to clean and dry yourself up. Also try to keep an extra pair of clothes to look presentable before that last-minute meeting, but in case you can’t do that, don’t forget the towel at least.

5. Wear shoes with good friction

Avoid the stilettos and the fancy shoes for sometime. Instead, get crocs or other footwear with nice soles that have good friction. When walking on slippery and wet roads, you need good shoes to save you from falling down. Some people wear crocs on their way to office, and then change their footwear once they reach. You could try that too to save your fashion-conscious reputation, and still not be a victim of the rains.

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