6 Ways to Tell If He is Ready for a Relationship

6 Ways to Tell If He is Ready for a Relationship

After dating a guy for a while, you can be in a situation when you don’t know how to judge whether he is ready for a relationship or not. If you want to know your crush’s relationship readiness, read on and put your worries to rest.

1. He wants to know more about you

If your crush or date shows interest to know more about you every time you meet, you could take it as a sign of his readiness to enter into a relationship. It is one thing to be curious about a person and another thing to yearn to know details about someone all the time.

2. He tells you that he finds inspiration and support in you

If your date compliments you by saying that he finds you inspiring and motivating, it may be a sign that he has seen something special in you, and may be ready for a relationship. Being comfortable in someone’s company is one thing but to find them inspiring is a different feeling altogether.

3. He doesn’t rush into things

When a guy rushes into things without thinking, it reflects his wavering mind and unreliable personality. If your date is calm, patient and takes reasonably well thought decisions, it could mean that he is ready to shoulder the responsibilities that come with a relationship. On the other hand, if your date seems too finicky, you may want to hold back until you are sure of his real personality.

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