Top 11 Reasons For Back Pain

Top 11 Reasons For Back Pain

Have you found yourself complaining about back pain quite frequently? Do you see a lot of days where you find it difficult to get out of the bed or move around comfortably?

Most women have suffered from back pain at some point or the other in their life for sure. Unfortunately, not many of them know what’s causing it, and an even lesser percentage of women take their pain seriously. Medical experts say that back pain can arise out of a variety of reasons, and it is highly essential for people to take care of their pain and treat it as soon as possible, lest it becomes severe and causes more problems. Listed here are some of the reasons that cause back pain. Maybe, you can identify some of them here and look for solutions accordingly.

1. You work on the computer all day

Unfortunately, modern day lifestyle is to be blamed for a variety of ailments and bodily problems. Those who work on the computer all day long hardly have any body movement, and thus, their back becomes stiff and starts to pain. This is even worse for people who sit on chairs that are uncomfortable, or are of the wrong height in relation to the work desk. Sitting on the desk all day long causes strain on the shoulders, arms and back.

2. You don’t eat healthy

It is crucial to maintain a healthy diet. You could be deficient in calcium, which could be causing your spine to pain. Or you could in general be very weak, because of which your body and back might feel tired, strained and fatigued at all times. Chances are that your back pain is occurring because of an extremely poor diet causing weakness in your body.

3. You maintain the wrong posture

Do you slouch when you sit? Do you not keep your back straight when you are standing? Maintaining good posture consciously is vital to ensure good spine health. If you have the wrong posture, it starts to put strain on your back, especially the lower back.

4. You sleep wrong

You could be sleeping on your tummy, which causes your back and hips to lose proper alignment. You should ideally be sleeping on a medium-thick mattress that keeps your back straight so that your spine is not bent and is not facing any pressure. So if your mattress is wrong (i.e. it is too soft or too hard) or if you sleep on your stomach, then you are adding unnecessary pressure to your spine, causing your back to pain.

5. You are overweight

When you are overweight, the maximum pressure is on your core, which includes your back, side, pelvic, buttock muscles etc., and even your abs. This means that your spine is bound to feel strained, and the pressure will cause pain and discomfort. Medical experts say that it is important to maintain proper weight and fitness levels in order to alleviate back problems.

6. You don’t exercise

Your muscles need to be stretched every now and then. You need to work out regularly to ensure that they don’t become stiff and rigid, and so that their development does not stop. Basic exercising should definitely be a part of everyone’s daily regime.

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