10 Things to Avoid Talking about on a First Date

10 Things to Avoid Talking about on a First Date

A first date is crucial as a nice one will ensure more such dates in the future whereas the one where you screw up is gonna be, in all probability, the last time you would be seeing the guy. More often than not, women are more concerned about what to wear and how to do their hair, than how or what to talk about on the first date. But a single sloppy statement may be enough to blow it all up for you. Hence, if you are going out with your guy for the first time, make sure to avoid some topics. Listed here are such things to avoid talking about on your first date.

1. Exes

Don’t ever bring up an ex in your first date. Comparisons will definitely arise in your head, but don’t let it come out of your mouth. Ditto with his ex. Talking about your exes will just ruin the date for you as the bitterness and hostility accompanying it will be too hot to handle.

2. Yourself

Talking about your likes and interests is fine but don’t overdo it. Let him speak as well. He might seem interested at first, but if you go on blabbering about the movie you love or the cuisine that sets your tongue on fire, he will just get bored and start wondering if he will be able to handle any more such dates with you.

3. Negative traits

It is a myth that only guys are supposed to give compliments and make you feel good. In fact you should do the same rather than dwelling on his shortcomings. He may seem a bit bulky or his dressing sense may not be to your liking, but make sure not to bring up these things on your first date.

4. Sex

Making sexual remarks or some jokes in poor taste is generally considered to be the domain of the guys but there are some girls as well who come across as too desperate. You may be very much turned on but try to keep your desires in check at least on the first date. And even if he initiates it, just change the topic to a less carnal one.

5. Money

You may discover that you earn more than him as one’s job profile also indicates as to how much he/she earns. But don’t bring it up. It will hurt his ego and probably he won’t feel comfortable for the rest of the date. Besides, there is more to a person than his bank balance.

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