5 Ways to Wear Skinny Jeans

Ways to Wear Skinny Jeans

‘The skinny jeans’ are surely not a fad, they have been in trend and still continue to be. Skinny jeans are so versatile that it is possible to achieve numerous looks with them, right from a casual chic to an ultra glamorous look. As the word suggests, you don’t have to be necessarily skinny to carry it off. Experimenting with different looks will help you make your regular skinny fit jeans look dazzling. You just need to get the look right and carry it off perfectly. Here are 5 ways to wear skinny jeans.

1. Get the semi-formal look

Tuck in a smart shirt of your choice in the skinny jeans. Along with it you could combine a blazer or a scarf. To get the classic look you could wear a white shirt with blue skinny jeans and get the perfect look. Accessorize accordingly, wear delicate jewelry and a smart watch and you are all set to attend a semi-formal event, business lunch or dinner.

2. Casual chic look

Pair up your skinny jeans with a razor back top or a collared, round neck tee. You could accessorize with junk jewelry or keep it simple. You could wear sneakers, flats, ballerinas, etc. Go for bright colors to give a fresh and lively day look.

3. The dazzling party look

You could look completely ravishing by pairing your skinny jeans with a glamorous embellished crop top or a sequin top. Accessorize and get the perfect party look with jewelry, heels and a fancy clutch.

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