Top 5 Reasons Why Folic Acid Is Important

Top 5 Reasons Why Folic Acid Is Important

To keep good health, a proper intake of folic acid or Vitamin B9 is considered to be a must for women. Why? Producing new cells in the body and synthesizing DNAare a few of the most important tasks of folic acid. Know top facts about folic acid through these questions and plan a diet that is rich in the same to promote good health for yourself and your family.

1. What are the health benefits of folic acid?

Most women wake up to the benefits of folic acid only when they are pregnant and they really need it. Why not supplement it in your everyday diet? From facilitating protein metabolism in the body, decreasing risk of cardiovascular diseases, maintaining blood pressure and controlling muscular degeneration in old age, folic acid is a critical supplement in maintaining overall health.

2. How does one get an every day folic acid intake?

An interesting fact about folic acid is that it is available in so many varieties of foods in our daily diet, but unfortunately, most women are extremely careless about it. You can plan various recipes that include a combination of folic acid rich beans, peas, lentils, spinach, liver products, sprouts, asparagus, egg yolk, yeast and breakfast cereals for your family. A nutritionist will be well equipped to tell you more about various facts of folic acid. If women take this fact about folic acid seriously enough, there would be no need to take extra medicinal iron supplements!

3. Why is folic acid great for pregnancy?

We’re sure you wouldn’t have known this top fact about folic acid and why it is so important to be consumed before and during pregnancy. It is important to know this fact about folic acid and its benefits when it is taken before conceiving. It helps in preventing serious birth defects such spina bifida, a severe spinal cord disease found in infants. Folic acid also helps in lowering the risk of stillbirth and premature births and maintains the health of the to-be infant and the mother. Did you know that women must consume at least 800-1000 mg of folic acid in their regular diet to have healthy pregnancy?

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