5 Things You should not Do During Your Periods

Things You should not Do During Your Periods

It is something that all women go through each month. Some have it easy and it is like any other normal day and some go through a lot of pain when they have their periods. Even if you are not experiencing any physical discomfort, the time when you are menstruating can be quite difficult as you have to deal with the different hormonal changes in your body. It is wise to stay away from doing certain things when you are having your periods for your sake and also for the others who come in contact with you. Sometimes you will have absolutely no plausible explanation for the things that you do during your periods. Being called hysterical and a pain will also be common and you will have to deal with it. Here are a few things you should not do during your periods. Some of them may sound silly but it will make a lot of sense.

1. Never get into an argument or a fight when you have your periods

You may be justified in your reasons and you can also be right. But be cautious when you get into arguments during your periods. You will be extra emotional around this time and if you are also experiencing physical discomfort, you will be channeling all that into your fight. You may even end up saying things that you either can’t take back or that you will live to regret. Will till you calm down and try not to get into any arguments.

2. Do not have unprotected sex when you have your periods thinking that you won’t get pregnant

Chances of you getting pregnant are still high when you have unprotected sex during your periods. While having sex is completely normal and also enjoyable during your periods, make sure you are protected if you do not want to get pregnant. Having your periods is not protection enough against pregnancy or other diseases.

3. Do not starve yourself and indulge in physical labor

A lot of women want to stay off food when they have their periods. But it is important that you eat well to make up for all that blood loss. Never starve yourself when you have your periods for you might faint or even get anemic. If you are already experiencing lower back pain and stomach cramps, do not do any physical labor that can hurt you even more.

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