The Top Precautions Girls Must Take On Facebook

The Top Precautions Girls Must Take On Facebook

With social networking sites like Facebook becoming increasingly popular by the day, you cannot ignore the dangers that come along. Especially girls face a number of problems while using Facebook, and it’s not just about technical issues. Hacking of Facebook accounts, stalking by psychos and illegal use of photos are only some of them. Hence it is important to take some precautionary measures in order to prevent these dangers. Here are the top precautions girls must take while using Facebook.

Use your privacy settings

Facebook has several privacy settings that allow you to share your pictures, videos and information with only a few people. You can make this distinction even for the people in your friends’ list. However, most girls are either not aware about this feature or don’t really bother to make use of it. Prevent yourself, your pictures and personal information from getting into the wrong hands. Privatize the information you post on Facebook, reveal it only before certain trustworthy users.

Don’t talk to strangers

There are plenty of weirdos and dangerous people out there. No matter what they say or do, don’t believe them. The best thing you can do is, only accept friend requests from known people. If you really want to add strangers, make sure that you don’t share any personal information with them. Also block them from viewing your personal pictures.

Watch your status messages

Don’t use your Facebook status application as a diary by typing all your plans for the day. The world doesn’t need to know where you are up to for the day. You never know if it is read by a wrong person, what they might do. Keep that information only for your close friends and family.

Keep changing your password often

Facebook has an application that shows how strong the password you are using, really is. Make sure you always choose a password that nobody else will guess. Avoid using obvious things like your date of birth, name, boyfriend’s name and so on. Instead you can mix numbers and alphabets to make a really strong password for your Facebook account. Your password is like the keys of your home, don’t share it with anyone. Keep it only to yourself and change it often.

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