8 Common Reasons Why Boys Break Up With Girls

8 Common Reasons Why Boys Break Up With Girls

Not every time you are in a relationship with a boy, is he going to be serious about it. In fact at a young and tender age when boys are in a relationship, majority of them are not serious. Reasons why boys dump their girlfriends remain constant through very many relationships. These may not hold true for each and every guy but most of them use the ones below to break up.

1. High Maintenance

If the woman is always demanding expensive treats and gifts and doesn’t show much concern for his small pocket, the guy could categorize her as high maintenance and dump her.

2. Not on the same page

If the guy feels that the girl is too serious about the relationship, he may break up with her. Different expectations from each other can lead up to this scenario.

3. Too much ‘talk’

Just like the point implies if the guy thinks the girl talks all the time and does not give him a chance to talk and express his own opinion, he will end the relationship with her.

4. Possessive character

If a guy thinks a woman is the the jealous and possessive type who doesn’t like him talking and getting too comfortable with other girls then he will dump the woman.

5. Lack of space

Guys need their own time to do whatever they call the boys’ stuff. If a girl gives him no space and wants to accompany him everywhere he goes or meddle in every small thing he does he will end the relation with her.

6. Treated like a puppet

If a girl treats a guy like her puppet, expects him to tag along everywhere she goes be it shopping or the salon he will eventually dump her.

7. Not fit to meet the family

This could be another excuse that guys use to break up with their girlfriend. “You are nice but you just don’t seem like the one who can gel well and handle my family.”

8. Influence of chick friends

Guys are okay with girls meeting their chick friends and gossiping and cribbing because it gives them a break as well. But they cannot handle it if a woman tells them every single detail of theirr conversation with the girls. Oversharing like this or letting what their chick friends tell them interfere with the relationship can lead them to dumping the girl.

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