5 Combinations Of Dresses And Shoes That Look Great

5 Combinations Of Dresses And Shoes That Look Great

Let alone tops and trousers, dresses have their own place. They look beautiful, stylish, neat and feminine. Women have been wearing them since historic times, yet even today, it is almost impossible to get them out of trend. Often the biggest fashion faux pas that women commit is by wearing them with a wrong shoe. Imagine what a disaster would it be if a diva like Angelina Jolie walks on the red carpet wearing a pair of sneakers with her cocktail dress! Hence, it is very important to pick the correct pair of shoe for the dress you wear. Mentioned below are 5 combinations of dresses and shoes that look great on most women.

1. Tent dress with gladiator shoes

Tent dresses have been the ‘in’ thing since 2007. Whether you just want to cover your paunch or are simply too sick of tight dresses, you can go for a tent dress. Tent dresses come without a waistline and fall off loose from the shoulder till the hips. They are super unconventional and look really cute on women, no matter what type of a body they have. They create a casual look. So if you want to strike a balance and make your look sophisticated, pick shoes that will do the magic. Gladiator shoes that were worn during historic period, now are back with a boom. Team a pair of classy gladiators with your favorite tent dress to give yourself a look that is neither too casual nor too formal.

2. Wrap dress with pumps

Wrap-around dresses offer a lot of versatility since they can be worn in many different ways. They help to emphasize on a woman’s bust area while taking the attention off the hips. They look beautiful and feminine. They come in a wide variety of prints. You can pick them in wonderful floral designs and colors and wear them for different occasions. Wear them with a nice pair of pumps having a unique design and color. They will add elegance and femininity to your look. It is a great attire to be worn for a date, to school or a party.

3. Jumper dress with Mary Janes

A jumper dress is a kind of pinafore that can be worn over a shirt or blouse. Jumpers are really casual and cute, hence they effortlessly make you look much younger than you really are. You can wear them with a neat tank top to make them appear both sexy and cute. If you find the look too kiddish, match your favorite jumper dress with a cute pair of high-heeled Mary Janes to look like a grown up babe.

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