7 Tips on How to Kiss a Guy for The First Time

7 Tips on How to Kiss a Guy for The First Time

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” -Judy garland. First kiss is always remembered and cherished for a life time. First kiss is something which can be felt with the flow of the moment. So, it has to be really special. Listed below are some tips for kissing a guy for the first time.

1. Avoid being nervous

First kiss can make you nervous. If you stress out, then everything can go wrong. Just relax and enjoy the moment. Do not show any signs of nervousness at the moment, this can be a turn off for the guy.

2. Avoid pungent smell

Avoid foods with pungent smell. This includes garlic and onion. If you are going on a dinner date, then have something mild. Also, have some mint or use a mouth freshener before your date. Bad mouth odor is a major turn off for any guy.

3. Keep your lips kiss ready

Soft lips are an instant turn on for a man. So, keep your lips kiss ready for the situation. Apply a lip balm to make your lips smooth in texture. Do not overdo your lip makeup. Avoid applying too much of lipstick on your lips.

4. Go easy on kissing

When the moment is right, just get closer to your guy. Make an eye contact, because that heats up the moment. Place your hands on his shoulders and gently brush your lips on his. A soft stroke should be perfect for your first kiss.

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