7 Signs You are not Spending Enough Time With Your Child

7 Signs You are not Spending Enough Time With Your Child

Parents generally tend to worry about what values their children will imbibe and what they will grow up to be. But they tend to forget that they can give their children a good upbringing only by spending time with them. Here are a few signs which should warn you that you are not spending enough time with your child.

1. You are buying them too many gifts

Parents who are not able to spend much time with their kids often resort to making up for it by spending money on them. They try to replace the guilt of not being able to spend time with their kids by showering them with gifts and toys. This is one of the first indicators that you are not being with your children as much as you should.

2. You have only seen your children sleeping

Are your children asleep when you leave for work? Are they asleep even when you come back from work late in the night? If you don’t see your children awake throughout the week except for weekends and holidays, it is a sign that you are not spending enough time with them. This proves that you are giving more importance to your priorities at work.

3. You don’t know the names of your kids’ friends or teachers

When you spend time with your kids, you are likely to know what they do at school and who they hang out with. Your kids will love telling you anecdotes about what their friends did or how their teacher complimented them. But if you haven’t spent enough time with your kids, you will be completely clueless about these small things about their lives.

4. You don’t know how your kids spend their weekends

If you are a mom who works through weekdays and spends weekends catching up on pending personal errands, you may not get to spend any time with your kids on the weekends. If you have no idea about which games your kids play in the park on the weekend or which friends’ place they visit, it is a sign that you don’t have time for them.

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