How To Do Spa Treatments At Home

Spa Treatments That You Can Do At Home

In today’s times with such hectic schedules and over burdening lifestyles, who would not relish an amazing spa experience? The smell of essential oils, soothing scrubs and the most relieving massages unfortunately come at a heavy price if you visit a spa. Just when we girls think of getting ourselves pampered, it shocks us how much these spa centers charge. There is no need to worry since we give you ways to have an inexpensive home spa experience. So just invite some of your girl friends over and enjoy the experience.

Facial mask

A spa treatment is incomplete without a good face mask. You can prepare a face mask simply at home using banana and avocado, peach, egg whites and yogurt or using some honey and almonds. There are lots of ingredients that you can use to prepare a mask. You can also use liquid chocolate along with some cream if you really want it to offer an irresistible treat to your face.

Body scrub

This is also one of the main ingredients of a rejuvenating spa. Body scrub can be made using some coffee, raw sugar and olive oil or some sea salt with sweet almond oil and grated lemon. These are just a few amongst the many things that you can use. You can choose from some readily available body scrubs that are available in the market.

Manicure and Pedicure

One of the most essential components of a spa treatment is a nice and soothing manicure and pedicure. All you need is some warm water, hand cream, nail clippers, nail filer, cuticle remover, a nice shade of nail polish and finally some cotton balls. You and your girlies can have some fun together while doing this.

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