5 Reasons You should Practice Yoga Daily

Reasons You should Practice Yoga Daily

Yoga, the ancient art and science of holistic healing is in great demand today. From myriad health benefits to positive change in energy levels, the healing power of yoga is simply awesome. Regular yoga practice helps shape your body and boosts the level of your self-confidence. It has been also reported by studies that regular yoga keeps people happier and healthier. Here are 5 reasons you should practice yoga daily.

1. Makes you happier

Practicing yoga on a daily basis for an hour is said to release happy hormones that keep you not only positive but also depression free. When you balance your sitting and standing asanas during yoga, your brain releases a chemical GABA that reduces depression levels and eventually makes you happy.

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2. Cures body ailments

You may often complain about headaches, backache and several other chronic ailments that affect your lives in a very negative way. Yoga can help you out of this. Research reveals, people who practice regular yoga on a daily basis for at least 90 minutes twice a week for six months report of positive outcomes.

3. Promotes sound sleep

Yoga also helps insomnia patients with better results. Various yoga poses like the forward bend, cat stretch and the butterfly pose are great for improving the blood flow in the body and relaxing the mind. This will also help you sleep well.

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