5 Reasons Why Nursery Rhymes are Important for Kids’ Learning

Reasons Why Nursery Rhymes are Important for Kids' Learning

Rhymes play an important role in the growth of a child’s educational life. Research has proved that children learn more in their first eight years than at any other stage in their lives. Nursery rhymes enable kids to develop the language and learning foundations needed for good reading, writing and literacy skills in future. Studies have also proved that learning nursery rhymes by heart helps children to engage in social routines that encourage skills like turn-taking and listening, which are very important for the development of conversation.

1. Help the brain to grow

The rhymes are sung in a repetition and teach children the tricks to memorize things. This capability of increasing memory can be used in so many other activities as well. As a matter of fact, this is the first point of contact for your child with education.

2. Preserve strong cultural values

Rhymes have been in the family for many years. Mothers will use the rhymes that were sung to them by their mother. It is like participating in long rituals that have been in practice for many years. You can almost assert it as a religious foundation.

3. Promote group behavior

Solitary learning is no fun. Gather a group of children and make them sing loud and dance along with the rhymes. This will make your kids want to learn the new “dance song” and enjoy it with their friends. Nursery rhymes function on the merrier principle. Kids also become more confident and start to connect the rhythm with movement and words.

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