8 Signs He is Beginning to Like You

Signs He is Beginning to Like You

Interpreting a guy’s signals on whether he likes you or not can be a little tough. This can also be that phase when you find it awkward to ask him. So, if you are in such a relationship and a little unsure about his feelings for you, here is a checklist of signs he is beginning to like you. While there can be other signals, these are the most common give-aways if a guy is really interested in you.

1. His body language conveys interest

Does he always make it a point to come and sit next to you, perhaps inches away from where you sit? Does he use his hands to hold your hands or the small of your back? He may even lean towards you while talking or even listening. If he does this, then chances are he is harboring an interest but is a little nervous to express it to you.

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2. He prolongs your conversations

Is he trying to prolong even the simplest of conversations with you? Sometimes, you will know in your heart that a particular subject does not actually require a lengthy conversation and the other person is trying to delay simply because he wants to be with you. Anyone in their right minds will want to do that only when they truly like the other person.

3. He texts you often

A guy that truly likes you will text you and sometimes out of the blue. It might seem like he wants to start a conversation and hence it could be a simple message like “how was your day?” or “what have you been doing?” And if these are changes that you notice only in the recent times, then he might possibly have developed an interest towards you.

4. You are his priority

When a guy puts away most other things just to be with you or because you may want a shoulder, then it clearly means he is making you his priority. For someone who goes out of the way to accommodate you in their routine, you must mean something to him.

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