6 Long-Lasting Makeup Tips

6 Long-Lasting Makeup Tips

It goes without saying that reapplying makeup two to three times a day is an annoying inconvenience. This is particularly true in the case of busy working women, who do not even get time to eat properly. Though there are women who do not find reapplying makeup painstaking, they also wish if their makeup stays for long. So, check out 6 long-lasting makeup tips that can bring a smile on your face.

1. Keep your skin clean

Your makeup will stay for long only if you have a clean skin. Exfoliate your skin and keep it hydrated naturally by drinking water. Surface oils on skin causes makeup to fade off quickly, so cleanse and tone your skin and apply moisturizer before applying makeup. If you apply makeup on dry skin, it flakes off. So keep your face moisturized.

2. Use a primer without fail

A primer acts as a block between your skin and the foundation. It helps your base to last for a longer time. Primers are smooth bases for your makeup to stay and help it from becoming greasy. It evens out your skin tone and allows your skin to breathe properly. Primers are excellent oil absorbents; hence your blush will stay for long hours.

3. Apply the foundation in the right manner

It is better to avoid dewy foundations because they might not stay for long. Apply foundation by using a synthetic foundation brush. Choose a powder-based, thicker compact-style foundation or a waterproof one for long hours. Apply a small amount of foundation and blend from the center of your face and move outwards. Gently press a tissue around your face to set the foundation.

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