How To Brighten Up Your Skin This Summer?

How To Brighten Up Your Skin This Summer?

Summers can be tough on the skin because the heat makes the skin dehydrated. This can result in signs of early aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin. In addition, the heat and burning sun rays can cause red rashes, which are not only unsightly but also painful. Other common skin problems in summer are prickly heat eruptions on the skin, cold sores, pimples and excessive darkening due to tanning. Here are some quick remedies that can help in brightening up your skin this summer.

1. Emollients and moisturizers

The skin does not become as dry in summers as it does in winters, which might make you neglect the application of moisturizers. This can be a grave mistake since excessive sweating and exposure to heat causes loss of moisture from the skin. So, it is very important to apply suitable emollients and moisturizers to soothe the skin. Neglecting application of a good moisturizer can make the skin develop dark patches.

2. Ice

Ice can be your best ally in summers. Apply ice pack on the face or rub the face with an ice cube as soon as you get home. This is especially important if you have been exposed to the sun. Ice is an excellent toner. It closes pores that open due to the heat, helps in removing tanning and prevents prickly heat as well.

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