9 Ways to Say Sorry to Your Boyfriend

9 Ways to Say Sorry to Your Boyfriend

It is not always easy to accept your fault and apologize. But it helps to do so. Valuing the relation matters more than your ego. So, take that first step and apologize before its too late. Here are a few ways to apologize to your boyfriend.

1. Use gentle words and phrases like, ‘I understand’, ‘I accept’ and so on.

2. Stay true to your apology. Sometimes your partner may drive you crazy by taking your apology as a chance to prove that he was right. Accept it all the way. Your patience is a virtue and it will help in calming down the situation.

3. Don`t use phrases like, ‘I accept but you have to accept too.’ It shows that you are not very sincere with your apology and that you are still demanding for a stand on who`s right and who`s not.

4. In case of extremely bad fights, stop abruptly and hug your partner. Physical touch can soothe even wild emotions. You can apologize while you hug them or after you hugged them, but a hug can really do wonders. It`s time you tried. Don`t get disappointed if there wasn`t a perfectly positive response from the other side. Hug your partner, say what you want to and give him some time. He will get back.

5. Apologizing in person is way better than apologizing through texts. It takes a lot of courage to stand up in front of the person upset over you and accept what your mistake was. Apologizing in person shows that you really care for the relation.

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