Top 5 Tips On Handling A Backstabbing Friend

Top 5 Tips On Handling A Backstabbing Friend

Friends are the most important part of all our lives. You turn to your friends when you are sad or happy. They are there to share your excitement over a win, and console you over a loss. However, some friends just wear masks. They are really looking to destroy you when given a chance. The reason could include jealousy, possessiveness or a simple characteristic trait. To handle a friend who constantly backstabs you is not easy. Take some tips from this article and learn to tackle such a friend.

1. Keep Away

Yes, no matter how close you are with your friend, if you discover that she backstabs you and gossips about you in your absence, the most sensible thing to do would be to stay away from her and maintain a distance.

2. Verify

Once someone tells you that your friend has been saying things about you to your back, it is wise to get it confirmed from more than one person. It wouldn’t take much time for you to do this if you have a large circle of friends.

3. Catch her red-handed

In some cases, you would have no doubts about your friend’s betrayal because you would have experienced it yourself. In such cases, it is best to confront her and talk to her. No amount of justification will make you feel better, but confrontation may take some heat off your chest.

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