5 Best Ways to Reduce Stress

5 Best Ways to Reduce Stress

You should not let stress control you, and drive you crazy! That is almost as bad as letting stress get to you. Being calm not only helps you to lead a healthier life, but also translates to a much happier and content you. Here are five fun things you should absolutely do to reduce the effect of stress in your life.

1. Laugh

Join a laughter group, or watch a comic movie, or go to a stand up show. Anything that tickles your funny bone! Laugh, for it is so good for your health, and a healthy dose of laughter kills stress. Whenever you are feeling stress, do something that always makes you giggle!

2. Blow off the steam

Run, kick box, dance, scream, paint! Do whatever lets you channel your energy and gets your stress levels under control. Adopt a hobby that relaxes you and gives you joy. Doing so will greatly help you reduce the effect of stress in your life.

3. Pamper yourself

Go to the salon, and get a hair spa done. Throw in manicures and pedicures too. Maybe a facial? Spend a day there rejuvenating yourself every fortnight and stress will evaporate. And you will start afresh after every visit.

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