6 Home Remedies to Remove Tan

6 Home Remedies to Remove Tan

For those who love their skin, it’s an everyday fight with the sunscreen bottles to protect the skin from the scorching sun. But, sometimes despite of all the care, sun tan affects the skin leaving you depressed. Forget concentrating on the TVCs for a few seconds and turn to your kitchen. The best remedies for your skin from getting tanned are all there. Check out 6 home remedies to remove tan.

1. Sour yogurt

This one is the best home remedy for adding instant glow to your skin and also to remove tan. Once you are back from the hot sun, add some turmeric to sour yogurt and apply it on your face, neck and body parts which were exposed to sunlight. Keep it on for 5-10 minutes and wash it off. You will feel refreshed and doing this every time can help in removing tan. Zinc and lactic acid in yogurt provides the nourishing effect on the skin.

2. Oats

Oats when mixed with buttermilk helps in removing tan. Buttermilk softens your skin and oats help in exfoliation. Together it helps to lighten the skin and minimize the effect of tan.

3. Lemon juice

Lemon juice, because of its citric acid content, works as a great skin lightener. However, it dries out skin too if you are over exposed to sunlight. So, even if you apply lemon juice on the skin for removing tan, before going out, protect your skin with sunscreen. A mixture of cucumber juice, rosewater and lemon juice should be applied on the skin every day to reduce tan. Few drops of lemon juice can also be mixed with a tablespoon of honey for best results. Simply applying lemon juice on the skin will also help.

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