How Do Babies Learn?

How Do Babies Learn?

Learning never stops. And as far as babies are concerned, we are amazed to see how they learn and grasp things fast. It makes us wonder, how do babies learn so fast?

You must have seen your tiny tots fiddling with every little thing they can. They try inserting literally everything into their mouth, they will imitate you as far as they can, they want to touch everything that you touch, they are ever ready to explore every corner of the house. Sometimes it makes us wonder, how busy they keep themselves. But this is how they learn! Yes, babies learn through their senses. They touch, they see, they listen, they taste and they smell.

Babies also learn when we converse with them. A positive interaction helps your child to understand you, not by your language though. They can read what you are trying to say, may be through your expressions, actions or attitude. And you must agree that they are quite smart!

The learning period of your baby starts the day he/she is born. This is the time when you can inculcate values in babies and build an emotional bond with them. But we must tell you, learning rate differs from baby to baby. So have patience and see your baby learning and growing every minute cause you never know, when your child answers you back saying,” Mom please… I know everything.”

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