11 Tips To Get Super Soft Smooth Skin

11 Tips To Get Super Soft Smooth Skin

A glowing youthful skin is the dream of every single girl. There are many who would say ‘I don’t care’ when it comes to skincare. But, they know in their hearts that they go green as soon as a hot guy approaches their bff and tells her she looks gorgeous. Isn’t that so true? In short, everyone pines for a beautiful skin but very few actually have it. So, what’s the solution, you’d say. We say, read through this article and find easy tips to get smooth, radiant skin.

1. Water yourself

Have you seen a plant that has not been watered for 2-3 days? It seems almost dead. Same goes to your skin. You need to guzzle lots and lots of water so that your skin stays hydrated all through the day. Water also helps to throw out the toxins that tend to damage your skin.

2. Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliation is a must beauty tip for everyone. This is because it helps to eliminate dead skin cells and boost your blood circulation. This is the perfect combination for a gorgeous skin.

3. Moisturize lavishly

Those with a dry skin usually follow this beauty ritual. But the rest of the lot, especially the ones with oily skin, tend to ignore it. But, the fact is moisturizing your skin on a regular basis helps to hydrate your skin, which gives it the natural glow.

4. Wash your face

By washing your face at regular intervals, we mean washing your face at least every 4 hours. This is because while commuting from office to work or even inside your office or home, you encounter pollution, dirt and harmful chemicals. It’s important to disallow these harmful dirt particles from settling inside your skin.

5. Remove makeup

Every beauty expert that you’ve met until date must have told you of this, but you may not have paid heed. Right? We understand how it would feel when you come home fatigued and someone tells you to clear off that makeup. It’s the last thing you’d want to do even if you got a 25th hour in the day. But, girls, it’s necessary. If your makeup stays on overnight, it can lead to dead skin, pores, acne and what not.

6. Get sun protection

No matter how much makeup you apply or beauty routines you follow, if you don’t protect your skin from the sun, you’re at a loss! The sun not only dehydrates your skin but also promotes aging. Hence, apply sunscreen lotions and wear sunglasses. Now, you’d ask why sunglasses? Well, you need to protect your eyes from sun, don’t you?

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