11 Vocabulary Games That Will Improve Your Vocabulary

11 Vocabulary Games That Will Improve Your Vocabulary

A person who has an impeccable vocabulary is surely considered to be intelligent. Improving your vocabulary gives you the required confidence to converse with people of different backgrounds. Efforts to enhance your vocabulary should begin from an early age so that you grab most of the tips with time. There are many ways in which you can improve your vocabulary like you can read, consult a dictionary or you can play vocabulary games. Enhancing your word power through games sounds more appealing and a fun way to learn and so it is. There are many vocabulary games available on and off the Internet that will help you in enhancing your vocabulary. Listed here are some vocabulary games to enhance your vocabulary.

1. Scrabble

Scrabble is word board game that is being played for quite some time now. This game really helps both children and adults to learn and use new words and hence make some great additions in their vocabulary.


This game is played by creating two or more teams and so it involves more people. The aim of this game is to explain a given word within a given time limit and the players are forbidden to use the words and phrases marked as ‘taboo’. This is a fun game that is entertaining and informative at the same time. Plus, it really teaches players to make a good use of synonyms.

3. Text Twist

This game can be played on mobiles and computers. This game restricts the number of letters to six but the learning limit is definitely not restricted. It definitely helps the player to learn some new and tricky words and enhances their vocabulary.

4. Boggle

It is quite similar to the game Text Twist. This is a game for more than one player and it restricts the number of letters in a word from 3 to 5. Boggle also helps the player to gain a better understanding of prefixes and suffixes.

5. Hangman

This game is a bit tougher than the other games. This game is a great help in improving vocabulary and it also makes a player better at solving puzzles.

6. Bookworm

It is quite the same as Boggle but it can be enjoyed by a single player. This vocabulary game focuses on the formation of words consisting of three or more letters as fast as possible before the tile establishment gets destroyed by the infected tiles.

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