20 Things to Do Between Engagement and Marriage

20 Things to Do Between Engagement and Marriage

Your dream guy just got down on one knee and popped the question. You are all set for your wedding bells to ring. But do you realize how much is your life going to change? Marriage is, indeed, a very big step and we’re certainly not against it. Married life is beautiful, but you cannot deny that it is very much different from the life of single woman. Once a wise person said, ‘Live every moment of life as if it were your last’. Once you are married, your life will totally transform. It will never be the same. Singlehood defines more independence. So make the most of these singlebee days! Do all the things you will never be able to do once you tie the knot. We bring you things to do before you’re married-after you’re engaged. Basically it’s about the time between engagement and marriage. Tell your soon-to-be hubby to wait. It’s showtime!

  1. Enjoy your last days of having your bedroom all by yourself.
  2. Get that perfectly flawless figure.
  3. Have an elaborate bachelorette bash.
  4. Plan the wedding you’ve always dreamt about as a little girl.
  5. Have a premarital honeymoon with the man you are going to get married to.
  6. Get yourself your dream wedding dress.
  7. Choose your maid of honor and other bridesmaids.
  8. Buy yourself an exclusive and stunning lingerie for your wedding night.
  9. Plan your honeymoon with your partner.
  10. Go partying in Ibiza with all your friends.
  11. Spend more time getting to know your betrothed even more.
  12. Fulfill your craziest fantasy.
  13. Give up and work on your bad habits and addictions.
  14. Take up lap dancing lessons.
  15. Take up ballroom dancing lessons with your partner.
  16. Go on an all-girl road trip with your favorite girlies.
  17. Get rid of all your ex-boyfriend’s pictures.
  18. Write an autobiography about your life till now.
  19. Find out if you’re ready for marriage.
  20. Last but not the least, turn 25! Yes there are no exactly hard and fast rules as to what is the age to get married once you are an adult, but getting married after 25 ensures more maturity and financial stability.

Do consider the above mentioned 20 things to do and pick your favorite from them. If you live your single life to the fullest, you will have no regrets later. You will be more than ready to face marriage with your brightest smile on the date of your nuptials.

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