5 Reasons Why Exercise may be as Good as Medicines

Reasons Why Exercise may be as Good as Medicines

Exercise is a potent remedy that can sometimes work best than any other medicines available. From improving fatigue symptoms to serious conditions like heart diseases, exercise plays a vital role. So if you exercise daily, you can live a long, healthy life. Check out 5 reasons why working out may be as good as medicines.

1. Is good for your heart

Studies have proved that if you exercise daily, the LDL cholesterol can be controlled. This bad cholesterol clogs the arteries and leads to heart attack. It also reduces your blood pressure level and thereby lowers stress on your heart. Working out daily improves your blood circulation preventing clots and also improves your heart muscle function. So, even if you do a moderate amount of exercise daily, you can save your heart.

2. Helps to prevent cold

In a recent study, researchers found that people who exercised regularly were 23% less likely to get colds than those who exercised less. The logic behind it is that exercise helps improve the immunity power of the body, and this helps to ward off cold.

3. Is great for brain health

You may think that solving crosswords, sudokus or puzzles are the only ones that help the brain develop more. But studies have proved that working out daily, which includes a 30-minute daily walk will improve the blood circulation of the brain and thereby boost your memory power.

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