5 Ways You may be Sabotaging Yourself At Work

 Ways You may be Sabotaging Yourself At Work

Are you sabotaging yourself at work? Do you feel you are not getting to where you want to reach? Chances are you are doing certain things wrong in the workplace, which is hampering your progress and success. Here are some ways you may be sabotaging yourself at work.

1. You forget to be cordial

All through your life, you learnt the importance of using words like “please”, “sorry”, “thank you” but once you enter your workplace, you get the idea that all this is for wimps. You must know that nothing helps your image as much as being polite and nice to your coworkers. Whether you are interacting with your boss or your junior, a “thank you” is always in fashion.

2. You do not appreciate

While you want to impress your coworkers and your boss, if you always take all the credits for good team work and never pass it on to the other members, you are doing yourself a great disfavor. People who work with you are bound to feel resentful and will be less inclined to help you. Sharing credit and giving appreciation where it is due is the best way to connect to people around you and have a team who are happy to work with you.

3. You focus on failures

If you keep looking at your failures in the workplace, you are setting yourself up for more failures. Failures are the stepping stones to success. Most successful people have failed several times before they became successful. It is the failed attempts that have equipped them with the skills and knowledge they required to become successful.

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