5 Signs You Must Eat More Fat

5 Signs You Must Eat More Fat

You think of the word ‘fat’, and your first natural response to it is ‘avoid it’! It’s true; health-conscious people are not exactly very fond of fat because they like maintaining lean figures with absolutely no flab. However, have you ever thought that maybe you are over-avoiding fat? The fact is, there are ‘good’ fats and there are ‘bad’ fats. While the latter is definitely harmful for the body in more ways than one, our body can’t do without the ‘good’ fats, which are actually essential and vital for our proper growth and development. In the process of trying to reduce weight or turning vegetarian, you might just be leaving out on these essential fats too, which could have a negative impact on your body. Listed here are some signs that indicate that you need to eat more fat.

1. You are hungry all the time

Maybe you are overdoing the low-fat items in your meals, ranging from yogurt to cheese to butter to oil and what not. Dietary fat is supposed to regulate your appetite and keep you full for long, preventing you from overeating and feeling hungry all the time. However, if you are feeling hungry despite having proper meals, you might have to get back on those regular yogurts and cheese now.

2. You are mentally exhausted

It’s that feeling of mental numbness that is lowering your spirits, probably. It could also be making you dull and more cranky or irritable. When your stomach is not full and your body is not satiated, your brain is bound to become sluggish. You will basically need to improve the intake of Omega-3 fatty acids through fish, spinach etc. These acids, by the way, are known to fight against depression.

3. You have dry skin

The body’s natural moisturizer is sebum, which is produced through fatty acids that come naturally from the body, as well as from the diet that we consume. When your skin feels dry, it’s perhaps because your body doesn’t really have any fats to spare for skin nourishment. Ever noticed how obese and fat people have really good skin? That’s because the fat from their food provides nourishment to the skin. You may have to include at least some fatty foods in your meals to deal with your dry skin.

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