Fed Up Of PMS? Simple Ways Of Getting Away From Them

Fed Up Of PMS? Simple Ways Of Getting Away From Them

Premenstrual syndrome or PMS is one thing that drives many women crazy. This curse comes in the form of fatigue, pain, irritation, mood swings, bloating, acne and what not. Firstly, the body ache and the uneasiness that you have to go through during your periods is torturous. To top it, almost two weeks prior, there’s PMS which attacks you in so many ways that you feel exhausted and incapable of doing anything. In order to deal with PMS, here’s a list of 7 steps that you can take to eliminate the stress.

1. Exercise

As most doctors would suggest, you must exercise regularly. However, during your PMS, you must engage in mild exercises. By mild exercises, we mean engaging in Yoga, aerobics or going out for brisk walks with your favorite music on. The idea is to feel good all the time, so as to reduce the irritability and stress. By exercising, you’ll keep your body going and avoid any chances of cramps or body ache. Exercises also help to regulate the hormonal levels during periods.

2. Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water is very essential for your overall well-being. But, while experiencing PMS, it’s even more important. By drinking nearly 8-10 glasses of water during these days, you’ll be minimizing fluid retention, thereby reducing any chances of bloating. If you drink warm water most of the times, you could also save yourself of the pain that you experience due to acidity or gas which are some other symptoms of PMS.

3. Avoid Salty Foods

Many a times, it happens that women turn to ‘comfort food’ like burgers, chips and pizzas in order to pep up their mood during these days. In reality, they only serve to intensify the symptoms. Well, when you increase your salt intake while going through PMS, you’re increasing the chances of fluid retention and bloating which will, in turn, spoil your mood. Hence, whenever you choose to pull out that pack of chips, stop yourself and eat a healthy meal instead.

4. Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine tends to heighten the nervousness, tension and anxiety that you experience during PMS. Hence, you must avoid it by all means during these days. If you are used to waking up at a cup of coffee, try to replace it with herbal tea for a change.

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