7 Things to Learn About Life from Sex And The City

7 Things to Learn About Life from Sex And The City

Every urban woman worth her salt has seen at least one episode of the popular TV show, Sex and the City. It is an entertaining women’s guide for leading life as a single and independent female in any metropolis. For those of you who haven’t had enough of all the indirect life lessons derived from this series, here are 7 things worth learning from it.

1. If you are meant to be with that person you will be

Just like Mr Big and Carrie from the show, if you and your partner are meant to be, you eventually will. The iconic couple split quite a few times in the show only to end up together as a happily married couple and the best part about their relationship was that none of them tried too hard, it just happened. Although real life is not as dramatic as a TV show, the basic lesson to learn from this is, don’t run behind a man or make him run behind you; love yourself first for that’s the most important thing in life.

2. A single independent woman is capable of living by herself

This one is for all those women out there whom society has made feel inadequate or incomplete in the absence of a husband or a kid. Keep in mind that women are almost as or even more capable of living their lives on their own terms and enjoying the single life. Do what you love, just like Carrie who writes. Shatter the glass ceiling in the corporate world just like Miranda aimed to and eventually did.

3. Men come and go but girlfriends are forever

At a time when romantic love and soulmates were all the rage, this show came as a breath of fresh air for depicting platonic love between women so beautifully. Never give up a girlfriend for a man for they come and go but the ladies will always be there to give you a shoulder to cry on.

4. A woman does not have to be apologetic about her personal life

Kim Catrall who played Samantha in the series shocked many with her promiscuity and traits of serial dating which were previously only seen as manly traits. Viewers all over the world thought that she would eventually sober down and go the Charlotte way but she never did. Not once should a woman be apologetic about what she does in her personal life for if she’s earning her bread, she has the right to have fun without having to bear the invisible burden of a ticking biological clock or marriage.

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