What is Keratin Hair Treatment

What is Keratin Hair Treatment

For all those of you who are wondering – what is keratin hair treatment, here is an article you will love!

What is Keratin hair treatment and why is it given?

Before you go into the depth of what is keratin hair treatment, understand why it is given. The most important ingredient for soft, silky and smooth hair is keratin. This is what adds the required texture to your hair and makes it look voluptuous. When a person has dry, rough and frizzy hair, it is probably because the person doesn’t have enough of keratin. So, to make the life and strength of hair better, keratin hair treatment is given.

How is keratin hair treatment given?

It is advisable to get this treatment done from a professional hair stylist.
Hair is cleansed and washed prior to this treatment. Then keratin mixture prepared from natural sources is applied on the hair evenly. The keratin must be left on your hair for a brief period of time. Then, the hair is washed and dried, which is done by hot ironing.

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