Best Time To Have Green Tea

Best Time To Have Green Tea

You must be knowing about the benefits of green tea. Green tea is not only good for your immunity but also for your overall health. Do you know about the right time to drink green tea? Yes! A time when you can derive its total benefits! Ok, read the post below to know more on this.

1. After your meal

Green tea can give best results after your meal. As soon as you finish your meal, have a cup of green tea. Also, add some lemon juice in it to enhance its taste further. It helps in proper digestion process. It also prevents from problems of indigestion. Have it in natural form after your regular meal.

2. Between the meals

If you have just started drinking green tea, then it is recommended that you have in between the meals. For the first time, it can be heavy for you. So, keep sipping green tea in natural form in between your meals. If you are a beginner, then start from one cup a day. You can later increase the cups when you feel like having.

3. In the evening

If you are addicted to green tea, then do have it in the evening. Don’t have green tea after your dinner or before you sleep. Green tea can also disrupt your sleeping pattern. It is better to have it in the evening time. There are different flavors available in green tea. You can try jasmine or honey flavor also.

4. After breakfast

If you are a morning person, then you can have green tea in the morning. But, it is not advisable to have green tea early in the morning, have it after your breakfast. Ideally, you can have a cup of green tea thirty minutes after you finish your breakfast. This may well be good for your digestion of the body.

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