7 Things That Prove Using More Facebook Can be Harmful for health


Facebook is addictive and lots of people would agree with it. But, do you know that using Facebook the whole day can cause harm to your body. You heard that right! If you use Facebook more than the desired time, it can be really harmful for health. Listed are some things that prove this, read on to know more.

1. Sign of depression

Facebook is like a social site which just lets you forget everything around you. So, when you don’t use the site, you kind of feel depressed from within. There is like a hollowness from within, that troubles you. This might cause depression to some extent. And, if you suffer from the condition of depression, naturally it will affect your physical state as well.

2. Eating disorders

When you spend more than required time on the site, it will also affect your health pattern. You would not eat properly because you would be busy with the social site. That in turn can also cause weight loss or weight gain. If you don’t pay heed to your eating ways because of Facebook, then it might also cause the condition of anorexia.

3. Sexual drive

Do you know that Facebook can also affect your sexual health to a large extent? There are many couples who prefer to spend their time on Facebook rather than talking to their partners. So, this may decrease the drive to an extent. If you think that Facebook is more engaging than anything else, then this might affect your sexual drive also.

4. Decreased concentration

Is your full attention is on what are the latest updates on the Facebook page? Or are there any new pictures of your friends on the page, then how will you really concentrate on other things in life? Continuous usage of Facebook also causes decreased concentration level. You kind of don’t pay heed to other things around, which is again a bad thing for your health.

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