Best Time To Have Green Tea

5. Not on empty stomach

Well, it is not a good idea to have green tea on an empty stomach. Some women believe the having green tea on an empty stomach is good for weight loss. There is absolutely no truth in this. Do not have green tea on an empty stomach, as it may harm more than good to your body. So, do take a note on this one.

6. In winters

As green tea is excellent in source of nutrients and antioxidants, it is must to have green tea in winters. Even if you are a traditional black tea lover, you can have a cup of green tea to feel energized during the winter season. Have it one hour before your lunch or breakfast. Don’t have it with your dinner meal.

7. In summers

It is good to drink green tea in summers as well because of dehydration. Have two cups of green tea before your breakfast and after your lunch. Actually, any time you decide is the best time to have green tea. It depends on your suitability and liking. Some women also have three cups of green tea to feel fresh. So, it depends on what time is best suitable for you.

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