24 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Saying ‘I do’

 24 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Saying 'I do'

‘I do’ are the two words that will change your life forever. With these words, you’ll enter into the institution of marriage. But are you ready for this big thing in your life? Rather than realizing at the last moment and becoming a runaway bride, it is better to take a moment from planning your wedding and ask yourself the big question, “Are you truly ready?” So here are some more things you need to ask yourself before saying ‘I do’.

1. “Does he truly make me laugh?”

2. “Can I take a bus ride with him for a day without getting bored?”

3. “Do I see him as the father of my future children?”

4. “Does he make me feel truly special?”

5. “Can I sit by his side every evening and not get irritated by his presence?”

6. “Is he financially fit to enter into marriage?”

7. “If I get sick, will he take care of me?”

8. “Does he respect me?”

9. “Does he respect my family even though their habits might irritate him a bit?”

10. “Can I get up every morning by his side without feeling the need to rush and put on makeup?”

11. “Will he help me in my work?”

12. “Will he support me in my decisions?”

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