6 Tips to Brighten Your Morning and Feel Less Sleepy

6 Tips to Brighten Your Morning and Feel Less Sleepy

Almost everyone out there dislikes waking up in the morning. That sound of the alarm going off, the cozy comfort of the bed and the initial drowsiness many a time get the better of people and make them sleep a little more. This makes them late for wherever they have to be and thus, irritable in the mornings. These are the 6 best ways by which you can banish this laziness and feel chirpier in the mornings.

1. Open the curtains

As soon as the alarm sounds fill your ears, get up and open the curtains and windows of your room. Let the sun rays fill your room with light and the outside noises seep in so that you feel more active. The sleep will automatically vanish and let you hurry along with your day.

2. Get up and perform a light exercise

Get up on your feet from your bed instantly and stretch upwards as well as downwards. You could perform the Surya Namaskar which is known to be the perfect exercise for refreshing mornings, or simple hand and leg stretches. Drowsiness will take backseat, making you feel fresher.

3. Eat a healthy but light breakfast

The age old saying which states that one should eat breakfast like a king is a wrong thing to suggest in today’s hectic times that demand full attention of the mind and body. If you eat a heavy breakfast, you are bound to feel sleepy and sluggish immediately. Instead, eat a fruit or two and some other light snacks, just about filling your tummy for the next 3 hours or so.

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