6 Facts You must Know About Spray Tan


You want a bronzed glowing look but you are either in the middle of winter or do not want to go out in the hot summer sun. Getting fried under the sun at a beach does not sound too alluring either. The Harmful UV rays at the tanning bed scare you too. The best option then for you would e to opt for a tanning spray. Although it is not the best and does come with its own problems, it rates comparatively better as a tanning solution if you want to stay away from the tanning bed and the hot sun. Before you go get sprayed and flaunt your tan, here are a few facts about tanning sprays that you must know about. A few precautions you need to take before and the things you should not do after you have got the spraying done.

1. Leave your modesty behind if you are getting spray tanned outside your house

To get that perfect tanned look, you need some professional help and unlike a tanning bed, you do not get the privacy and you will have to bare it all if you do not want those pale patches on your skin. If you have body issues and are squeamish about being seen in the buff, you should either leave it behind or opt for getting sprayed only in some parts of your body.

2. There is an eight hour no –touching period

Even with the best of spray tans, you should give yourself and others a break for eight hours as anything and anyone who you rub against or get in touch with physically is going to get streaked with tan. People knowing it is a fake tan can be embarrassing enough without having to go through the humiliation of rubbing the tan all over them.

3. Go to a tanning specialist

There are a lot of nail salons that also offer spraying. But it is good if you go to a specialist tanning salon where they can give you different options. Usually these places are better and the service is more professional. They also normally have an extensive sunless-tanning menu.

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