7 Benefits of Doing Plank Exercises

Benefits of Doing Plank Exercises

Ever heard of isometric training? It is a form of training in which groups of muscles are challenged together by contracting them against some kind of stationery resistance. These kinds of exercises are great for energy balance between lower and upper body, and are also recommended for recovery from certain kinds of injuries. Plank exercises are a part of such training, and hold several great benefits. Listed here are some benefits of doing plank exercises.

1. Improve posture

These exercises are great for improving body posture, which in turn reduces stress on areas like the lower back and the legs. Correct posture also helps to have an alert mind and better concentration at work.

2. Maintain flexibility

Since a lot of muscles are used together in such exercises to support the weight, a person gains better flexibility. This is the reason why a lot of dancers and performing artists include these exercises in their daily fitness routine.

3. Build stamina

Needless to say, these exercises challenge your muscles a lot. They help you to build strength and stamina, which only gets better with time and regular indulgence in these exercises.

4. Improve concentration

You feel really charged up and energized with such exercises, which has a positive effect on your mood and mental state. Also, your concentration levels improve, helping you to be more efficient at work. You feel mentally fresh and alert all the time.

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